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A one stop place for managing clinical practice in your palm with just 2 minutes per patient

Why AddoDoc for doctors?

Easy Touch based EMR

With zero learning, you and your staff feel at home from day one. Little typing and touch friendly interface makes your practice more fun than ever!

Easy EMR

Fool-proof accounting

Stop worrying about nitty gritty fee-tracking, sleep in peace knowing your accounts are correct!

Fool-proof accounting

Patient Communication

Automated SMS and print help you stay in touch with your patients, while you're busy with your practice.

Patient communication
time Your time is precious!

Plan your day in advance, with scheduled appointments and calendar.

dev Care for your patients with little effort

Give your personal touch to patients with timely precautions & reminders

globe Your data, with you all the time

With AddoDoc your data is at a pocket distance away. Powerful charts and visualizations help you understand and grow your practice.

support Your data is safe forever

Data is safe and secure with the same level of encryption that's used by banks

mail Go offline!

Oops, power cut? We've got you covered. The data will sync the next time you go online.

locked Increase patient turnarounds

With automated sms reminders, patients never miss an appointment

Doctors AddoDoc

Cloud backup, Patient profile and offline support are very useful

Dr. Arun Goel
ENT Specialist
Children DoB greetings and Print support is excellent

Dr. Tarun Goel
My patients love emailed prescriptions. It's cost effective too!
Dr. Sheelu Srinivas
ENT Specialist

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